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The Benefits of Installing an EV Charging Station at Home

One constant pain point among electric vehicle owners is the task of searching for and waiting in line at a charging station. You may have been thinking about installing an EV charging station at your home, strata, apartment complex or office building.     

If you are not sure about whether you should take the plunge and install a charging station, talk to electrical services Sydney for an in-depth understanding of the benefits, costs and other details regarding installation to help you decide. 

Here are some benefits worth considering.


It is reported that a majority of EV drivers charge their vehicles overnight at home. Charging the vehicle overnight is down to a routine task for those who have an EV charging station installed at home which means the vehicle is fully charged and ready to go in the morning with no stopovers necessary along the way for charging. Depending on the distances you will be covering on a regular day an overnight charge may be all you require for your regular day-to-day vehicle travel.


Charging your vehicle on a home EV charging station has the additional benefit of taking advantage of reduced electricity charges that apply overnight. If on the other hand, you change your vehicle during morning hours on your way to work or during the day or even evening on your way back from work, higher electricity tariffs apply making charging that much more expensive for you. Besides the higher electricity tariff, public charging stations factor in a service cost which means you are paying an additional amount for accessing the convenience of a public EV charging station. You are also paying premium prices when you access a Level 2 or Level 3 charging station to have your vehicle charged faster compared to a base Level 2 charging station.


Another advantage of having your EV charging station at home is that you can plan your daily commute and any extra travel without worrying about not having enough range or having to think about a top-up at a public EV charging station not knowing how long you have to wait in line to have your vehicle charged. Although your EV would have come with a Level 1 charger that can be easily plugged into any home electric outlet the disadvantage of charging your EV this way is that even if you have it plugged in all night it won’t adequately fill your battery, only adding about 8 kilometres of charging per hour. However, if you install a Level 2 charging station at home an overnight charge will give you about 400 kilometres.

Increase Property Value

Having an EV charging station installed in your home or apartment, will add to the perceived value of your property because it is an amenity that is gaining popularity. The demand for EVs will only increase in the years to come and catering to demand will be an expectation by potential owners and tenants of homes and apartments.

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Main Services Provided by An IT Support Team

As we all know, technology has become a vital part of our daily lives. There won’t be even a single day we go to bed without interacting with the technology some way or another. Just like the technology’s impact in our personal lives, it has made a significant impact in our professional lives as well. There won’t be even a single office where technology is not being used in the modern society. So, IT support for a business is a must, because it has made our works much easier and efficient as well.

Tasks which were complicated and did took a lot of man hours can be completed within a short span of time using the technology. The IT services needed for a particular business may vary, because there are many types of IT services which are offered by and IT team. So, now we will go through the main services provided by them in detail. This could give you a better idea and let you realize the IT services needed for your business.

Cloud-based services

This is one of the important services provided by an IT team for a business. Because cloud is an internet connected platform which stores and let you access information, the employees have the ability to access the information in the comfort of their homes and offices as well.

You can decide the employees for whom you should give the access for the information as well. So, this service is a very useful onein instances where employees find it difficult to visit offices and work. This is also safe way of storing important information, because in case of a security threat you will be having a backup.

Monitoring the business

IT teams have the capability of monitoring your whole business. They could monitor your network, internet traffic and other devices as well. By, this they could keep track of the information of the business and look into the systems whether any updates are needed.

Marketing campaigns

Carrying on marketing campaign is one of the important services performed by an IT team. Because this plays a major role in keeping the business on track by keeping it on the spotlight. They will do market researches, find target audiences, figure out the right locations where the demand is and run marketing campaigns.

They will also plan new business plans to implement to promote the business, keep track of sales and compare them with the old records, introduce new products and promote the existing products as well. If you are someone who is looking for managed IT services Melbourne has many great options.

Email services

They carry out Email campaigns because emailing is one the significant modes of communication among businesses. IT teams would take over the emailing process by identifying prospective clients and target them in a wonderful manner which would impress them as well.

So, these are the main services which could be performed by an IT support team to upgrade a business.

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Getting the Right Online Recognition for Your Brand

A company or business’s main objective is to build a name for the products or services that are provided by them and it has become an essential thing in recent times. This somewhat complex process will require all of your internal teams such sales, marketing, management, etc. to work as a whole in order to make your brand a well-known one amongst consumers. There are also many different ways that a business can use to get the necessary recognition for a brand, and one of the most popular mediums among them is the ‘Online Medium’.  Nowadays consumers have the ability connect to the entire global village via online, whether it is through PCs or simply through smartphones. Thus taking the vital steps to promote your brand online is one of the best ways to gain the much needed competitive advantage that you seek for your business. Taking these basic steps will allow you to do this in an efficient manner.

Selecting a Proper Image

When consumers are interacting online, the visual impact can play a key role. It is very important that the images that are being used for your branding has the ability to ingrain themselves in the minds of the consumers. By choosing the right image(s) you will be able to create a good impression in a consumers mind and heart in no time. These image(s) should clearly connect with your products/services and express a good vibe about your brand to the target audience.

Identifying the Right Strategies to Use

After picking the right visual representations for your brand the next step is to identify the correct strategies to use in order to spread them across different online channels. By analysing the consumers’ requirements/preferences you can use the appropriate graphics, imageries, logos, slogans, etc. in an effective manner that will allow more exposure to your brand. More exposure will mean more online views which will ultimately lead to your brand becoming a household name within the society. That is why you should always follow the best proven strategies when working on your brand building.


Repetition & Consistency

Implanting a brand inside a person cannot be done overnight, and will require meticulous planning and strategic thinking. Even if you are armed with the best strategic advancements, sometimes your online branding might not get the instant recognition that you are expecting. But the key is to have patience and repetitively display the brand materials in a consistent fashion throughout the targeted web channels so that eventually it can become well known among the crowds.


Also in order to truly achieve a successful brand build-up, you should take expert external advice without solely depending on your internal staff. By hiring a good agency to aid in building your brand, you will be able to gain an extra edge as the agency’s experience and innovative strategies can be fully utilized in developing your brand. Many of these agencies now provide their services for potential companies/business through the web and by visiting their websites and getting to know about their success stories will allow you to pick the right one for your campaigns for sure.

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