Setting up your Own Home Theater System

If you’re looking to buy a home theater system to set up in your brand new house, you might want to think about some important practicalities before you do. You need to be aware of your desired specifications with the system, as well as the specifications of the room you’re planning to set up in. There’s no use buying a standard entertainment system, only to find that you don’t have enough wiring for the speakers to reach the edges of the room.

TV Choice

You don’t need to buy the biggest TV you can afford. Picking the right screen is more about how large or small the room is, and how many people you intend to fit into it. Have you noticed how irritating it can be to have to crane your neck and whip left and right at the cinema? You wouldn’t want to have the same issues at home. You could opt for a projector if you want, that way you can adjust the screen as and when it suits you. However, a good quality TV will give you the perfect colour and definition. The lighting will also define your choice of TV, as plasma screens are best for dark rooms, for example.  OLED screens offer you the best picture quality, but they are quite costly. Unlike OLED, LCD are cost effective and energy efficient, but are more geared for a brighter area.

Speaker System

When it comes to deciding on a speaker system, you need to think about the primary purpose of your entertainment system. If you plan on listening to music mostly, you’ll want to get a couple of hi-fi speakers for the perfect sound. With TV or films, you would need to get surround sound speakers like a cinema. You can create a custom made surround sound system by purchasing the necessary speakers, or you can buy one of many speaker systems that are geared to the movie-going experience. Make sure to check on cable length though, or pick up a wireless system if you can afford it.


You might want to call Electricians Sydney to do the installation for you, because as much as you may be an electronics whiz, these systems are complicated to set up. A professional will know exactly what your equipment needs in terms of voltage specifications and arrangements. They’ll also have had experience setting up home theater systems and will be able to craft your entertainment room just right. You won’t get lost in the instructions on setting up speakers, nor will you make any blunders with the wiring. A simpler system wouldn’t be as messy, but if you want to ensure a top notch job, it’s best to leave it to the pros.

Make sure you do your research on sound systems. There are some easily affordable unbranded systems which give you pretty good quality.

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