Australia’s coworking scene has been described as “sleeping”, but that is soon to change with foreign investors looking to add their twist to the country’s coworking scene. A favourite of the start-up, Australia’s coworking industry has grown to include various types of coworking spaces, some industry-specific, some niche space, and then the general coworking space. Even investors from as far away as Europe and Asia see the country as fertile ground for establishing global coworking spaces.

The reason Australia’s coworking scene is catching the attention of major players in the global coworking scene is because of the country’s diverse professional scene, and more importantly, its location in the Pacific. Moreover, the chance to take advantage of the government’s project to refurbish old buildings in some of Australia’s major cities makes this the most opportune time to invest in coworking spaces in the country. Professionals who choose coworking as an alternative to the traditional office space can only benefit from new spaces that will allow them more options in shared workspace.

Let’s take a closer look at the Australian coworking scene and how it is developing.

Why Are Australian Professionals Coworking?

In addition for a need to find cost-effective office space, Australian professionals are attracted to coworking for a variety of reasons. One major draw is coworking allows businesses in Melbourne or Sydney access to beautifully fit out offices in some of the more attractive, prestigious business districts. Please visit the following site at to see how one major company provides professionals with coworking spaces in prime locations around Australia.

Another reason businesses are attracted to coworking is because the office setup provides businesses with industry diversity, which can make networking, getting referrals, and meeting mentors very simple. Furthermore, these offices come with important amenities like meeting and boardrooms.

Coworking spaces are also attractive to this group of professionals because many of them are in close distance to major transit, and if not taking the train, tenants have access to hassle-free parking. Professionals are also attracted to the fact that many of these offices have moved to a format that allows tenants to access the building 24/7. As coworking has become more popular, many spaces are focusing on quality of life while at work and have invested in shower and changing rooms, in addition to bike racks.

Who Are Australia’s Coworking Professionals?

Australia’s coworking professionals comprise of a number of professions, but in recent years, digital, IT and software companies have increasingly used coworking as an option for office space. In addition to this group, marketing and creative arts industries are attracted to coworking, which has presented many opportunities for these industries to work, network, and collaborate. However, other industries are beginning to take an interest in coworking.

Those who belong to legal services, a group long associated with the white-shoe corporate image, has also taken advantage of the coworking scene, and these companies generally work in industries described as legal sales. Accounting and finance firms are another group of professionals in Australia who are moving toward the coworking concept. Finally, in line with global trends, corporate interests are looking toward the coworking concept not just as a money saver but to co-opt some of its ideas related to making work more productive.

Coworking Australia

The coworking scene in Australia is looking to mix things up in the next few years. By providing professional-grade office space, this scene has managed to attract a good portion of businesses who need office space without the protracted, often rigid, contracts. Ultimately, you cannot beat office space that can give you access to resources and people needed to promote business growth.

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