The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing an Auto Mechanic

Having a dedicated auto mechanic for your vehicle is simply a sign of good maintenance. It’s like having a family doctor to see on a regular basis. Your vehicle requires monthly and annual maintenance, such as changing engine oil or rotating the wheels. Instead of going to a different mechanic each time your vehicle needs professional care, it’s simply convenient and cost-effective to settle down on a single auto mechanic. Here are several tips that will help you choose the best auto mechanic for your vehicle with suggestions for avoiding the common pitfalls on the process:

Check Qualifications

In Australia, not all states or local governments require auto mechanics to actually have professional certification. Anyone can be a mechanic with the appropriate license. However, there are vocational training courses for auto mechanics. Obviously, you can get better services if you find an auto mechanic who is professionally trained by an institute, rather than someone who learned the trade in his uncle’s garage. Therefore, do check qualifications for the mechanic before you settle down. You can call and ask pointed questions about licensing and accreditation if the website or the marketing material for the auto shop is vague on these aspects.

Find a Mechanic Shop with Loyalty Programs

Once you settle down on the best auto mechanic for your vehicle, you will be visiting this professional on at least a biannual basis. When you are seeking regular care, you can save money and enjoy certain perks with a loyalty or VIP programs. An auto shop or a mechanic that offers a loyalty program is definitely a major win over a mechanic that isn’t. If loyalty programs are available, go see what types of perks are available for returning customers.

Is the Shop Manufacturer Certified?

Some mechanics and auto shops have a labelling called “manufacturer” certified. This means that you can obtain genuine car parts from this seller. It goes beyond that too. Some mechanics specialise in servicing certain models of vehicles and may partner up with the manufacturer to offer bespoke services. Vehicle owners can benefit from the superior knowledge these mechanics are ready to offer. Also, a partner auto shop can offer you better rates for branded products.

Look for Guarantees

Ask the mechanic of he or she offers guarantees with the service. For example, repair jobs may be guaranteed to be completed under a certain time frame. But is this a marketing claim or is the guarantee really there? Call the mechanic and ask about what the shop can guarantee before setting down on a vehicle mechanic.

Do They Offer Free Quotes?

Free quotes or estimates are a good sign of a mechanic shop that puts customer needs first. If you need any type of service, you should be able to call and ask for an estimate before you commit to the auto shop. If the estimate is freely given without seeking an advance or something of the sort, then you are in the hands of a good mechanic.

You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family. In any case, keep the above tips in mind when hiring a new car mechanic.

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