Vaping – How Does it Work?

The electronic cigarette has been with us for a few years already, and while there are varying research results on its use, there is no doubt that the e cigarette is a much healthier way to ingest recreational nicotine than smoking. Millions of smokers around the world have made the switch to the electronic cigarette, as it is a healthy way to ingest recreational nicotine, and if you are a smoker and have never considered switching to vaping, here is a detailed explanation of the inner workings of the electronic cigarette.

The Atomiser

This is the essential component that contains an electric coil, which heats up a controlled amount of the e-liquid, which is stored in a small tank just below the atomiser. There are many users who have never smoked tobacco and vape because they enjoy the many available flavours, so there is e-liquid with or without nicotine, depending on your preference. The atomiser needs to be replaced at regular intervals, and for an average user, this would be every 2-3 weeks. There are versions called clearomisers, which contain the atomiser and the tank, and with different amp levels, you can finely control the dosage. Inside the atomiser is a tiny coil which heats up as the e-liquid is forced into the chamber, and once the liquid has been vapourised, it is inhaled through the mouthpiece, and as it is a vapour, there is no harm to those nearby. Most people who are new to vaping opt for a starter pack, which would include a basic e cig, along with a few sample e-liquid flavours, and once you find one you like, you can place a bulk order.

The Lithium Ion Battery

The power plant of the e cig, this rechargeable battery takes up about two thirds of the actual vaping device, and is located at the opposite end to the mouthpiece. There are many variations of the basic design, and some batteries work automatically, with the inhalation process switching the atomiser on, while other users prefer to use the manual type, which is activated by pressing a tiny button on the side of the device. Here is some more detailed information regarding lithium ion batteries, and some of the applications.

The Mouthpiece

In some ways, the e-cigarette looks similar to a regular cigarette, and the mouthpiece is located at the vaping end of the device, which allows the user to inhale the controlled dosage of vapour. There are many designs on the market, and after some usage, people find one that suits their lifestyle, and like anything else, the more you are involved with the vaping scene, the more defined your preferences become.

Vaping offers smokers a healthier way to ingest recreational nicotine, and many people make the switch and gradually reduce their nicotine intake until they are able to cease using the nicotine e-liquid. Once a person has managed to overcome their nicotine dependency, they normally continue with vaping, only the e-liquid would be nicotine free.

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